Can Sportsbooks Ban Players and Why?

Although bookies are known to rarely ban users from their betting platforms, it happens. From punters who win too much or exploit market opportunities - bookies keep a sharp eye on their customers, and if they sense that someone seems to have the “upper hand” on them, they will not like it. Granted, while online casinos can outright close down a player’s account, bookies have their own way of dealing with people who use their platforms to become winners. Below, you can see some of the reasons why a sportsbook might ban a punter.

why bookmakers ban players

Fixed Game Betting Validates Permanent Account Bans

In the last few years, the eSports betting scene had seen its first attempts at “fixed matches”. Just like with regular sports, pre-fixing the outcome of any sporting event is considered to be highly illegal; additionally, it undermines that sport’s integrity. This, in turn, reduces not only the numbers of interested punters but also the fan base of the sport in question. From a sportsbook’s perspective, however, it is extremely bad for business. Usually, punters that are aware of the “match fix,” tend to place huge amounts of money on the most favourable odds – resulting in colossal wins. When a connection between such a punter and the fixed match is established, a ban is almost guaranteed in all cases.

Winning Too Much Can Result in a Hard or Soft Ban

A hard ban is when the bookie closes your account, while a “soft ban” is when they impose so many limitations, that it is simply useless to play. Some of the worst soft ban examples are when a bookie limits the maximum bet amount to $0.01 – which is hardly worth the time of the punter to even log in to that sports betting website. In some “horror cases”, if a player reaches a certain amount of winnings, the bookie deems them to be a player who is “bad for business”, which can also result in a ban. All online bookies count on making a profit when their punters don’t win, which is why they prefer to have as many losers as possible as their clients. If you win a bit – it’s ok; however, if you’re guessing almost every single market right, you will eventually “get the boot”.

Having already explained the philosophy of most bookies, it comes as no surprise that the actions they can take toward a player’s account are validated by their terms and conditions. Since in most cases a permanent ban is connected with the dispute of any finances remaining in the closed account, bookies tend to allow punters to withdraw all of their funds – after limiting their accounts to the extent that renders them useless. After all, enforcing an account limitation is considered to be much more “verifiable” (in legal terms), rather than a complete ban.

punters can be limited from making deposits

Punters Can Be Limited from Making Deposits

Another “soft ban”, this type of measure is taken against players that have not given a probable cause to a sportsbook to limit or ban their account, but they will simply make any deposit methods unavailable for them. This way, one of two things is bound to happen – the punter can either lose whatever remaining funds they have in the platform or withdraw them and never bet in that website ever again. In both cases, the bookie would have gotten rid of a client that is always taking a piece of the pie.

They Won’t Warn You in Advance

Bear in mind that reversing a limitation or ban is virtually impossible. Although many sports betting websites state that they will not do anything without a probable cause, they have created their own rules as well. This means that they are always within their “legal right” to make up pretty much anything in order to avoid self-incrimination while justifying their actions at the same time. Next time you place a bet on any odds, remember that the bookies want you to do it for “fun” and definitely not for profit.