What Are the Best Sites for Comparing Betting Odds?

Punters that have the tendency to search for the best markets online often utilise the information presented by a number of websites that have one particular goal – to show the best odds available for a specific market. In the case of making a profit on a single market, both the lowest and the highest odds can be located on the websites of different bookies. In this article, we are going to discuss the best websites online that compare the market odds of the most popular bookies.

oddsportal always gives punters a little extra

OddsPortal Always Gives Punters a Little Extra

When it comes to comparing odds from different markets, it comes as no surprise that oddsportal.com is at the top of our list. The website provides its visitors with a variety of useful “betting tools.” On the right side of the homepage, punters will be able to view dropping odds, betting odds, value bets, hot matches, best handicaps, moving margins, and more. OddsPortal’s unique feature comes in the form of a “betslip-like” element positioned on the top-right corner of the screen, called “My Coupon.” Once a website visitor selects a market from the list, the action will enable the Coupon and display all available bookies that offer that specific market, along with its odds.

OddsChecker Is One of the Oldest and Most Popular Sites

Many punters that have experience in the sports betting scene will know oddscheker.com. This is considered to be one of the first odds comparison websites ever. What makes this site highly popular as well is that it shows odds not only provided by markets in horse racing, football, and grayhounds but also in e-sports! Oddschecker.com is also considered to be the best and most info-populated website when it comes to comparing markets of UK bookies.

EasyOdds – No Such Thing as “Too Much Information”

Another odd comparison website, easyodds.com, makes quite an entrance. Offering an incredible amount of information, this website can be called the “spiritual successor” of OddsChecker, due to the number of odds and books it is able to analyse and compare. In addition to comparison data, EasyOdds also offers many betting tips, information on free bets, live streaming services, and much more.

BetBrain Is Ideal for the Experienced Punters

This website features a clean design, and it shows the available markets of approximately 100 sportsbooks. Although the list of odds is stacked nicely, it is considered to be counter-intuitive, especially if you’re new on the sports betting scene. Betbrain.com covers approximately 30 sports (including e-sports), and this is another reason why it is considered to be among the favourite odds comparison websites among punters.

betbrain is ideal for the experienced punter

Don’t Miss the Chance to Check Any of Those Sites

If you’re a beginner punter, reading websites like the ones listed above should be your “morning newspaper.” There is a great deal of effort that goes into researching, collecting, and listing the information in every single of them; however, just like the newspapers, you should take all of the data there with a “grain of salt.” The reason we say this, is that odds change, and that happens very quickly; in fact, by the time you access your favourite bookie and place a wager on a market, the odds might be different – this is why i advise punters to watch out with any data regarding “in-play” bets.