Why Bookmakers Limit Accounts (And Sites That Don’t)

why bookmakers limit accounts

Just like online casino operators, sports bookies are not interested in their clients using betting strategies or plans that will help them make a profit. This is why quite often, “bonus hunters” and “arbitrage bettors” are not only shunned by bookies but are often limited in the number of bets they can make. Why “limited” and not completely banned? Well, because a punter utilizing their own betting strategy is not illegal – since bookies don’t have legal grounds to completely remove a winning bettor from their platform, the only measure they can take is to reduce the profit that punter makes. Today we will explain some of the limitations imposed on bettors by bookies, and also list a few sites that generally don’t do that.

What Are the Limitations a Punter Can Experience?

The first and most common limitation for a punter would be their bet size. If let’s say a market allows a maximum bet of $100, and your account is limited to making 1% bets, this means that you can wager only $1 per odd. For people that are used to dealing with hundreds of dollars in bets, this is essentially a “dead account”, as it’s not going to be worth the time to make such small bets from it – this is why bettors often make new accounts.

Another limit that can be imposed on the account of a punter concerns the types of available bets. If the bookie determines that one of their customers is engaged in “arbitrage betting”, they will instantly remove the punter’s ability to make straight bets, outright bets, or any type of wagers that usually have solid odds. After the imposing of such limits, usually, the only type of wager a punter can make is an “in-play” bet, which is made available when the sporting event the market belongs to, takes place. In-play bets are known to be quite dynamic and engaging in any sort of arbitrage betting can be impossible.

how to safe your account from limits

The Best Bookmakers That Don’t Limit Their Players

Bear in mind that all bookies have the right and ability to limit their players at any given time; however, it is the positive reputation of some that don’t do it frivolously. In fact, sportsbooks such as Pinnacle are known to welcome arbitrage betting and will not limit their punters just because they decide to wager in a platform different from theirs. Betonline is also a bookmaker that is known to rarely impose any limits. If you wish to determine if a bookmaker tends to limit its players or not, take a look at their policies regarding arbitrage betting (if available).

How to Minimize the Chance of Being Limited

The first thing punters should avoid is placing unrounded betting amounts (for example, $12.73). Unrounded values of money can be interpreted by bookies as a type of betting strategy, which can result in any betting privileges being slashed. Punters should also watch out the amount of money they bet on, and the popularity of a specific market. It doesn’t seem logical that a person would place $10 on a FIFA match, but place $100 (or more) on an event from a minor African football league.

Moderation Preserves Your Account

In the end, even the best bookies have the right to limit their players, so the best advice we can give to punters everywhere is to play with general moderation. Avoiding multiple bets across many markets and using only average amounts of money, will show the sportsbook that you’re “not a threat”. Bear in mind that almost all bookies out there rely on the inexperience of most of their players, and if they sense that one of their punters is a “sports betting professional”, they will not hesitate twice to impose a number of limits.